I am sure you have asked this question – Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

Yes, you should hire a wedding planner. I am not just saying that because I am a wedding planner. If I could go back in time, I would hire one for my own wedding. Wedding planning demands hours of your time, is extremely stressful, and is surrounded by strong emotions. Wedding planners are there to walk alongside you and take on the heavy lifting allowing you and your spouse to enjoy this once in a lifetime season of your life. 

More Time to Spend Elsewhere

Look at your day. I bet you have a long list of demands on your time. Between your job, errands, personal goals, and managing relationships, finding additional time to spend on planning one of the most important days of your life can be difficult. I wish someone had told me just how much time it would take to find vendors for the wedding. Most weddings require 5-16 vendors. For one vendor you will need to weed through the inevitably long list of options. Then with those that caught your eye pour through their website, their social media pages, and their blog to learn more about them. After creating a list of pros and cons in order to determine which vendor you would like to assist with your big day you reach out to them only to find that they are not available or not within your price range. This is where a wedding planner is helpful. We have already cataloged the vendors in our area and know who would work best for your big day! We determine who is available and within your budget before providing you a list of options! 

Less Stress

Wedding planning can be overwhelming when looking at this major event and not knowing where to start and fearful of what you might miss. That is where a wedding planner will come in handy! We already know what is needed to make your day beautiful! We know the basics and we look forward to putting your unique spin on a day we have created multiple times! The small details are something we can handle in our sleep making your planning process seamless and as stress-free as possible!

Stronger Relationships

I am sure you have heard of the term “Bridezilla”. There is a reason it is so popular. Wedding planning is an emotional time period. Loved ones have good intentions and want nothing but the best for you. However, sometimes their vision and your vision do not align. It can be difficult to express those differences without hurting the relationship. It is a once in a lifetime day. Everyone will have an opinion from the guest list, to what you should include in your decor, down to what dress you should wear. When you hire a wedding planner they become your voice. You introduce the only non-emotionally invested person into the mix to help moderate those high emotional moments with your loved ones. She can have those difficult conversations or keep them from impacting the wedding planning process without you having to ruin a very meaningful relationship.

What makes Sweetly Southern Events unique is that we see this time period as an opportunity to strengthen your foundation for marriage. You have a wonderful relationship, that is why you are getting married.  But this period of time is known to cause tension between couples as they try to navigate an unfamiliar territory of joining two families into one. Sweetly Southern Events not only handles the wedding planning to ensure your wedding day is everything you imagined it to be, we also want to ensure that your marriage is everything you hope it will be. We do this by providing couples with questions to open the lines of communication and arm them with the tools to continue that communication throughout their many years of marriage.

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